Youtube Application for Symbian Mobile Phones

May you are already using  Youtube application on your mobile phone.  Here is latest version of Youtube application. In this new improved version, when you type a keyword you will get the suggestions of the previous research. You’ll have more results through these related videos . Once you select the thumbnail of a video it will enlarge automatically so you can view it in full screen.

New features in v2.2.1:

  1. Browse and search videos.
  2. More phones are supported.
  3. Most Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices can run this version.
  4. Speed is awesome. There is faster application start-up, searching, and video loading.
  5. Add the application icon to your phone’s home screen.
  6. Breath-taking Video quality.
  7. Videos will look sharper and sound clearer than ever.
  8. Improved streaming over WiFi to support a wider range of networks.
  9. More robust streaming, improved buffering ensures that videos will play even in weak coverage areas.
  10. Video viewing made damn easy. once installed, no configuration is required outside of the application.
  11. The application is very simple to use and allows you to search and browse YouTube.
  12. The application automatically detects your device and network capabilities, and selects the highest available stream quality based on those.

Compatible with:  Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition mobile phones.

You can get this application from here