warid vow

Warid  has launched its new service called Waird Vow (Video On Warid) by using this service  customers to enjoy free videos where ever they are. Warid made easy for its customers to access the world of news, sports, entertainment and education with a user friendly interface on their mobiles via the new ‘VOW’ (Videos on Warid) Service. ‘VOW’ shall be constantly updated with new FREE video content that users can view using their GPRS enabled mobile phones. ‘VOW’ provides mobile video content for full screen video streaming and downloading over Warid’s GPRS/Edge network.

Note: GPRS charges will be applied for this service.

How to Watch Waird Videos ?

Visit Warid’s site vow.waridtel.com from your GPRS enabled mobile handset and watch.

Video Channel:

  1. Qawwali
  2. Qarshi
  3. Omnisport
  4. Hayters Teamwork
  5. Pure Sport
  6. Love Showbiz
  7. Pop Corn
  8. Bollywood
  9. Wedding TV Asia
  10. Jokes
  11. Cinema Live
  12. Craze
  13. Galactic DJ
  14. ShowTech
  15. Amplified
  16. Adventure
  17. How to
  18. Joystick
  19. BodyBeat
  20. Sci-Fi Universe
  21. Cartoons