Last Wednesday Warid reported to the customers that Warid receiving the delivery report about the SMS messages in the feature that was antecedently switched-off. The company did not tell abut the service or its associated charges to the customers. But we get confirmation from some recourses that warid is starting free SMS delivery report to their customer.

Warid Restarts Free SMS Delivery Reports

This offer (SMS delivery reports) is free for the entire operator that is why all of them are not offering to the service back in 2009.

Mostly operators are offering for SMS delivery reports to the user who paid as a service.

What is the method of subscribe to SMS Delivery Reports?

The SMS Delivery Report Service is useable to all the subscribers who use the Warid service. That is why it is necessary for user to ensure that in feature this is enabling in their mobile.


Currently announced that the service is free but in feature the service will be charged.