Away some offer from ufone. Ufone Uth Package brings you an offer that will blow U away! Get your best friend and share the good news! Because now U can send 100,000 SMS to your favorite Ufone number all month for only Rs. 10… and that too without ANY daily charges!. Subscription will be valid for a month. It mead you have a month to use this sms bundle. Woh!

To activate this offer simply send your desired number to 604


To Add the number as FnF, SMS the FnF Number to 604

To Edit existing FnF number, SMS the FnF Number to 9104

To Query the FnF number, SMS ‘INFO’ to 9192

To Remove/Deactivate FnF package, SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 8104

19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

Terms & Conditions:

  • These SMS rates are the lowest in the world. This is based on the SMS rates comparison given on the website of the cellular companies on 24th January, 2011. For companies based outside Pakistan, the comparison is based on rates after conversion from Dollars to Rupees(as of 24th January, 2011). This comparison does not include packages based on location, time specific or packages with friends and family daily or monthly charges. The charges do not include 19.5% FED and 10% Income Tax charges which will be charged as per the prevailing Pakistani law.
  • Customer can also subscribe to the SMS Buckets along with FnF package
  • FnF Package will have the highest priority in case of subscription to SMS buckets, that is no deductions from Bucket SMS would be made in case of SMS to the FnF number
  • The FnF package is valid for 30 days from the time of the package activation
  • Upon the expiry of the FnF package after 30 days, the package will be renewed automatically
  • Unsubscription charges are Re. 1+tax
  • Query Charges are Rs. 0.5+ tax
  • All charges are exclusive of tax
  • This package is only available to Uth Package customers
  • FnF Number can only be an On-Net number
  • Only one On-Net number can be added as an FnF Number at any time
  • Customers can update/edit their FnF number as many times as they want by sending the FnF number to 9104
  • FnF update/Edit charges are Rs. 10+tax
  • SMS to all other numbers will be charged as per the customer’s tariff plan