SMS Replier

SMS Replier is a great mobile phone application that works on Windows Mobile 6.5, BlackBerry and Android handsets and helps you deal with the text messages and calls you receive during those times you’re not available. SMS Replier send a little text to everyone texting or calling you during certain hours and knows even when you’re driving.

SMS Replier will send automatic messages saying that you’re either in a meeting or that you’ll call back because you’re either driving, stuck in an actual meeting or simply not in the mood for taking any calls or messages.

The application is pretty interesting and will save you the trouble of dealing with all the calls and text messages you might receive during busy times, and you’ll be able to handle them later on during the day at your convenience. In case you’re interested in Apple and Palm versions of SMS Replier then you’ll have to check back in the future for their availability.

Download SMS Replier