now you can use your mobile as a remote baby monitor. Detect and be alerted to intruders.
Now you can Spy on your friends. SMS, MMS audio clip or call notification. And also listen calls
SkyeSpy – S60 3rd Edition: What does it do?
SkyeSpy is remote audio monitoring, detection and notification software for your S60v3 mobile device
SkyeSpy can do following tasks
(1) an intruder detection and alarm system for the home and office,
(2) a remote baby monitor,
(3) a remote car alarm monitor, or
(4) a spy device to listen-in on any environment without anyone knowing!
SkyeSpy is installed on a mobile device that is used as the audio monitoring hardware
The SkyeSpy device is placed in an area where the audio/sound is to be monitored e.g. near a baby, in the home/office etc
SkyeSpy is ‘paired’ to ‘communicate’ with another mobile device or landline
When SkyeSpy detects an audio instance, it alerts the paired device with an SMS, MMS or even a CALL!
There are 2 ways for the user to interact with the SkyeSpy device:
(1) SkyeSpy contacts user – SkyeSpy will contact the user in one of many ways (see below)
(2) User contacts SkyeSpy – User can call the SkyeSpy device and secretly listen in real-time (see below)
How does SkyeSpy work s
SkyeSpy ‘monitors’ all sounds around the mobile-device and filters this as ‘incoming audio’
When the detected audio reaches a user-configured volume level, SkyeSpy sends a communication to another paired device (mobile or landline)
SkyeSpy will can notify the user by (defined by user):
(1) sending an SMS
(2) calling a contact/number
(3) sending an MMS with an audio recording attachment
User can also call the SkyeSpy device secretly. SkyeSpy will pick-up/answer the call secretly without ringing so the user can listen-in secretly in real-time!