USB SIM Reader

Sim Cloning Guide Step By Step.

1. Install USB Card Reader Driver .

2. Unzip Sim Max .

3. Open folder of Sim Max 7.0 and install Setup of Sim Max .

Sim Cloning (1)

4. Insert your SIM Card into reader. Open table SIM Scanner in order to execute the program.

Sim Cloning (2)
5. Warming: This software is only for personal usage. Strictly prohibit to be used in illegally copy or back up others SIM Card data.
6. Click the scan button in order to scan the card.

Sim Cloning (4)

7. Sim Cloning (5)

8. Auto detects card reader Com Port and speed. 19200bps (High Speed card Reader) or 9600bps (Low Speed card Reader).
Sim Cloning (5)
9. Click Test button to test whether the card Reader is connected into Personal Computer. ATR will show up the values.
Sim Cloning (5)
10. Click search KI
Sim Cloning (5)
11. Start to scan, This Process will take 15- 90 minutes.

Sim Cloning (5)
12. After Completetion of find ‘ki’ Process .Write down file name and save it.Sim Cloning (5)
13. To Protect your (Sim backup) from others you can enter password or leave it empty.
Sim Cloning (5)
14. Now (Sim Backup) is ready to write it at Multisim . open sim scanner and click at (Write to sim) Remove existing sim and insert Multisim Card in your sim reader.
Sim Cloning (5)
15. Click Browse so as to detect Multi SIM Card’s numbers list.
Sim Cloning (5)
15. Select Sim Backup file from lucation where you have saved .and enter password that you give while saveing sim backup file. and if you have not give any password while saving sim backup file leave it empty and press enter.
16. The ICCID will show up SIM Card ID. Before you duplicate your telephone numbers into Multi SIM Card, please be sure the saving telephone numbers display “Empty” (if it does not appear, click numbers list and delete into empty).
Sim Cloning (5)
17.Click Write then the telephone numbers that you saved in the file will copy into Multi SIM Card.
Sim Cloning (5)
18. After Completing “Writing” Process.
Sim Cloning (5)
19. Now you sim is ready to use. apply same method to copy other sims in your Multisim card. For further assistance leave comments.