Check out the Qmobile A9 in market. Now all the phones from Qmobile in 2013 Ram increased and processor changed. All phone will have one GB or above RAM meanwhile processor quad core. The specification of this phone is not yet clear, but its look like A10 but screen size is 4.5 display.

One other important thing which is noticed in Noir ICS 4.0 it’s not the actual original ICS 4.0 just the way it’s in Xperia or Droid series phones. A8 ICS is different in options while A6 ICS is different pretty confusing if you look for Call settings you won’t find call settings in settings, instead dialer press menu you will see setting TTY feature which led me search and know the difference.

Although its video recording quality is 720p HD but its 3gp formation compression mess the video quality A8, A6, and A10 and newly relaunched A5 classic. Informing you all about video quality because Nokia’s N series had HD 720p but mp4 and lot better result test videos.