As everyone knows here in Pakistan when elections take place many of candidates violate rules and regulations of elections which are made by election commission of Pakistan. so as election commission can’t keep an eye on every candidate as they are in thousands in term of numbers so they have decided to come up with an android app which any Pakistani can use who owns an android mobile phone.

Every Pakistani has a right to complain against any candidate who is violating rules and regulations of election commission of Pakistan these rules can be seen here on official site.


Violation may include as per app says:

Any candidate or party person who is displaying or carrying guns or any kind of ammunition.
Any party or candidate prints bigger banner or poster as per size of ECP rules.
Firing in public or rally or corner meeting.
Without permission meeting/procession.
Any party or candidate displays his/her election advertisement bigger than the size of ECP rules.
Wall chalking.
If you see any suspicious person.