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Nokia Dual SIM Mobile Prices In Pakistan

Nokia Dual Sim Mobile Phone

Finally Nokia has launched its dual sim mobile phone. Other mobile manufacturing companies already launched their dual sim mobile phones. The first phone in the series, the Nokia C1 features a battery standby time of 6 weeks, and comes with standard flashlight, color screen and FM Radio. The users can change between SIMs using a single key.This handset is proposed to be available by the third quarter of 2010 at a price, a (around $37).

The Nokia C2, on the other hand, features two active SIMs at the same time. One of the SIMs shall remain under the battery. But however, the second SIM is “hot swappable”- a feature very unique to Nokia, which means it can be inserted and removed at any time when the phone is turned on. And is proposed to be available by the end of 2010.
So, those of you still waiting for a dual-SIM phone accompanied with reliability and durability, it seems your wait is about to get over!! These new Phones are namely C1-00 (1750 INR) C1-01 (Rs. 2200) C1-02 (Rs 2500) and C2 (Rs. 2850) don’t expect any lavish features in these mobiles as they are made to offer basic functionality like FM Radio, Color Screen, Flash Light and Send Messages.

Nokia C1-00
A simple phone to make calls and send text messages, flashlight, FM radio and a super battery up to 6 weeks of use. Estimated price of Rs.1750
Nokia C1-01 and C1-02
The C1-01 C1-02 are very similar phones, the C1-01 includes FM radio, microSD card slot and a VGA resolution camera. C1-02 well, with FM radio, microSD card slot and VGA camera, but also has Bluetooth, Ovi Mail and Chat.
Nokia C2 overview
It’s the most expensive in this range leaving about Rs. 2850, double SIM, with the tools of Life Tools Ovi, Mail and Chat, FM radio, microSD card slot, VGA camera, Bluetooth and a battery that Nokia says lasts up to 16.5 days of use.

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  1. Atif Javed says:

    Its very amazing news by Nokis Side for launching Nokia Dual Sim Active Mobiles.
    Launching of it definately will be a relief for those users who are using China Mobiles / or keeping 2 mobiles (and waiting for any good brand in ecnomical Rates.
    Atif Javed
    Lahore, Pakistan

  2. ibrahimyahaya says:

    is good that nokia have come out with dual sim
    i recommend that they produce symbiam phones also with dual sim

  3. abisha says:

    mobile is very nice

  4. jameel says:

    bounga mobile, childish colors and features

  5. what the hell is this ..Nokia ka jo bhi model le lo Menu same hota hai aur un ke prices uch zarurat se zyada hotay hain jab ke yahi mobile INDIA mein bohat kam rates mein miltay hain ..but Pakistan mein aate hi pata nahin kya ho jata hai rates ko gareeb ke halat ki tarha bigartay he chalay jaate hain

  6. PRINCE SUFYAN says:

    these mobiles are very useless

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