Now you need not to remember your favorite points. There is a great mobile application, that remembers all your favorite points. This application uses GPS to locate your point of interest, and warn you. You can add location in this application eg: speed cameras, constructions sides, gas stations, malls, restaurants. Basically it warns the user (visual + audio) when a POI is getting close (in a defined area).

piPOIAlerts main features:

– Global GPS status icon (on/off in settings)

– A compass pointing in driving direction

– Current position (black circle)

– Alert area (customizable in settings)

– All POIs (red circle) in a defined radius

– Information about the closest POI in driving direction

– Sound / Popup Alert (on/off in settings)

– GPS sampling rate

Compatible Mobile Devices Are Symbian s60, V3,V5

Download piPOIAlert.