Step 1: First of all activate Mobitunes Service, Note: Mobitunes is the main thing required in this trick. Once you MobiTune Service is activated, don’t change your default Mobi Tune, which would be “Hum Bolain Mohabbat ki Zuban”….!
Step 2: Now call from your friend’s number to your own number… and you will hear “Hum Bolain Mohabat ki Zuban”
After a while, in 20/22 seconds, the automated voice will speak up and say “Apkey Matloba Number number sey jawab musul nehi ho rha”
At this moment, when operator say “App kay matlooba number….” pick your phone … and your call will be connected, and you can talk freely without any cost .
You can also note the time, about how long Mobi Tune is played before the operator says “App kay matlooba number…” for example its 30 seconds… just note this time. Now whenever someone will call you, you are supposed to pick the phone after 30 seconds, and allow your friends to call you for free…