This post is very useful for QMobile noir A2 users, everybody knows the QMobile noir A2 a cheap good spec phone usually found in Pakistan is a great phone for the price tag. But the main issue of this mobile is that, it’s internal memory which is very low. As compared to the galaxy ace which has the internal memory of 290 mb, the a2 only have 235 mb of space. The space of the phone is mainly taken by the system apps the phone have by default & after installing some apps we actually get upto 90 mb to download and install on the internal memory. Let’s find out the hack in order to increase internal memory of your cell phone.

1. Download and extract The RAR “ISCHAF”.

2. Open the extracted folder you will see it has 2 APK Files. These are actually The Mod Files.

3. Send the extracted file to your SD Card.

4. Now on your phone head to your settings and in the applications Menu Tick the unknown sources box.

5. Install the Apps in the number sequence.

6. Once you have installed both of the Apps go to your setting files again.

7. Now when you open your setting Apps the whole menu will look like the CM7 setting menu.

8. Open the CyanogenMod settings.

9. On the top there will be a application menu open that now.

10. In the menu locate the install location and open it.

11. There will be 3 option automatic, internal, external.

12. Your phone by default would be on automatic change that and select external.

13. Once you have done this exit your setting App and restart or reboot your Phone.

14. After rebooting again head to your setting app and open it.