Happy WakeUp  Mobile Application

HappyWakeUp is great mobile application to wake  you up timely. This Application  is a smart alarm clock adapted into your smart mobile phone. The smart alarm clock wakes you up when you in the morning actually are already awake or almost awake. This phase of your sleep is called an arousal.

HappyWakeUp does not try to wake you up when you are in deep and calm sleep of if you are in REM sleep (sleep phase with dreaming). These are the moments when it is most difficult to wake up. HappyWakeUp detects the natural cycles of your sleep and the optimal moments for your brain and body to wake up.

Happy WakeUp  Mobile Application

HappyWakeUp detects the optimal moment to wake up by monitoring the quality of your sleep using the microphone of the mobile phone. Actually it listens to your movements during the night time. Therefore the phone has to be near to you, preferably on your bed. Detection of the arousals is based on statistical analysis of the microphone signals.

Happy WakeUp   Mobile Application

Previously, the smart alarm clocks have been separate, expensive devices like movement detectors (called actigraphs). These devices have to be attached to you like a watch or a wrist band. This may disturb you if your sleep is sensitive. This kind of devices have to been carried with you when travelling and they may have batteries difficult to change and obtain. HappyWakeUp is always with you in your personal mobile phone.

HappyWakeUp is extremely easy to be used: just set the mobile phone’s alarm normally and start HappyWakeUp application!

HappyWakeUp is based on the medical knowledge and research of human sleep structure and sleep disorders. HappyWakeUp ArousalClock analyses the quality and the naturally alternating cycles of your sleep produced by brain activity for the optimal wake up moment.

During the last morning hours your sleep is more fragmented and there are short periods of wakefulnes called arousals, shown in the hypnogram below. These are so short that typically you do not remember those in the morning. These natural arousals are the optimal moments for your brain and body to wake up! HappyWakeUp is developed to detect those moments.

If you have to wake up during the deep sleep (Stages 2, 3 and 4) or during REM sleep you feel it difficult because your brain is not ready to wake up. In addition to the unpleasant experience it also is an extra stress to your body, your heart and your nervous system!

Compatible Mobile Devices:

Nokia s60 V3 & V8

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