Step 1: Activating GPRS, WAP and MMS on Zong Number through SMS
You can activate GPRS, WAP and MMS with a very simple process…
If you want to activate all services at once, then write an SMS as follwing
AllMakeModel and send to 131 (All Nokia 6300-> send it to 131)
If you want only GPRS settings then write an SMS as following
InternetMakeModel and sent to 131
In case you don’t need GPRS or WAP and only want MMS, then follow this
MMSMakeModel and sent to 131
Similarly, for only WAP setting on Zong number
WAPMakeModel and sent to 131
Step 2: Once you send any of above given message, you will receive setting in an SMS. Save this SMS and you are done.
Zong GPRS Pricing
Zong offers very attracting GPRS and MMS pricing for customers. In fact their prices are best amongst all cellular companies of Pakistan.
Zong GPRS is available in following 3 packages.
1 – Standard Package: Under standard setting you will be charged Rs. 15 per MB (Excluding Taxes)
2 – Unlimited Mobile Internet Package: Zong is the only company that offers unlimited GPRS even
– its postpaid and prepaid users. So obviously, with this package there is no cap on the data usage,
and all you to pay is Rs. 400 per month (Excluding Taxes)
– To activate Zong unlimited internet package call 310
3 – Zong Mobile Internet Hourly Package: Again a distinction for Zong that offers you GPRS usage on per hour or even Per minute basis. Under this package you can use Rs. 15 per Hour (Excluding Taxes) or Rs. 0.25 Per min (Excluding Taxes)
To activate Zong Mobile Internet Hourly Package, simply dial 905 from your ZONG number that’s it!
Zong MMS Pricing

* Rs. 3/MMS+Tax
* MMS size: 100 kb