Ufone Collect Call.
Ufone has offer new package called (Collect Call) With Ufone Collect Call you can remain connected and make calls even when you don’t have balance or you not wish to pay for a call,
With Collect Call you can even make call even with ZERO balance in your account.
This Package is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers, and both (calling/receiving) parties should have Ufone.
How to make a FREE Call?
In order to initiate an Ufone Collect Call request, simply dial 11 followed by the desired Ufone number. e.g. 1103331234567
If the other party accepts your collect call your call will be connected right away. However If the dialed number does not have sufficient balance or cancels your request you will receive a SMS notification.
Note: Collect Call will only work if you have insufficient balance in your account e.g. if your balance is Rs. 0.30 then you may avail call collect service. (This was told by a Ufone CSR)
How to Block Collect Calls?
Don’t worry guys; there is a method available to block all those callers who not want to send their balance .
Try following commands…
BR ALL Block all collect call requests.
UN ALL Unblock all collect call requests
BR To block a specific number
UN To unblock a specific number
BR LIST To get the list of Barred numbers
Terms & Conditions
* This Service is available to calls from Ufone to Ufone only. A & B
party must both be Ufone subscribers.
* There are no charges for initiating Collect Call.
* Call will be charged to B party as per regular package plan.(If
* All Post-Pay & Prepaid users can initiate collect call request.(as A
* All Post-Pay & Prepaid users can receive collect call request.(as B
* A subscriber on international roaming will not be able to initiate
collect call request.
* If B party is on international roaming then collect call request will
not be sent to him.
* If B party’s outgoing calls are barred (Post-Pay) then A party will
be informed accordingly & collect call request will not be initiated.
* Postpaid users will not be able to initiate Ufone Collect Call if their
outgoing calls are barred.
* Prepaid subs will be able to initiate a Collect Call request even if
they have zero credit in their account.