5. Tag Heuer Link

Fourth largest luxury watch maker, Tag Heuer makes also luxury cell phones. Link is one of their smartphones that runs Android. Link comes in various editions, including a full gold build and a full diamond build with 1007 diamonds.These phones are not really big on hardware. Link can be purchased on select markets for slightly more than 10,000 US dollars.

Full Diamond Tag Heuer Link 5

If you think Apple iPhone is highly expensive, think again. It will not even compare to one of these phones that we have here. There are world’s most expensive cellphones that cost in the range of tens of thousands of dollars to buy. They are high-class luxury cellphones that are mostly handmade with highly expensive materials. Here, we have a list of such ultra-pricey smartphones, including the world’s most expensive smartphone.

4. Continental Mobiles Aura Collection

Continental Mobiles has done the smart thing of adding luxury to an already existing top smartphone, Apple iPhone 5. They add select materials like platinum, gold, diamonds, etc., to your favorite iPhone to make a luxury version of it. Continental Mobiles Aura features diamonds and platinum covering your iPhone 5 and retails for more than 20 times the price of your iPhone. You can buy one of these phones for $ 14,999.

iPhone 5 continental

3. Dior Reverie

Dior Reverie has been hand-crafted in France. It has white gold, pearls, and diamonds on it, and sells for at least 107,000 dollars.


2. Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The Swiss watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin has quietly come up with this series of smartphones under the brand ‘Chairman’. These phones cost anywhere from 14,000 to 130,000 dollars. They include all kinds of extremely pricey materials, and the top model has 3000 hand-cut 17 carat diamonds.

 Ulysse Nardin Chairman 11

1. GoldVish “Le Million”

It featured 100 carats of VVS1 (Very Very Slightly Included) quality diamonds. A Russian businessman purchased the mobile phone for a price of “wait for it” 1.278 million US dollars.