If you are in an emergency, your mobile phone’s batter is down and you want to make a call. But you don’t have electricity due to a natural disaster, a remote location or due to load shedding. So you can’t charge you phone using standard method. Now how you can keep you phone running? Don’t worry men, you can use alternative mobile charger.

1. Human Powered Mobile Charger.

The charger you are looking under is an emergency charger. You can use it while traveling or where standard mobile charger not available.  When you will move it, it produces electricity and that is used to charge mobile phone.

2. Nokia Emergency Mobile Charger.

This item can be used as an emergency battery when you are in vehicle, any situation that you can’t charge our Phone. When you need to charge this backup battery just using Cable connect it to computer or AC charger.

3. Yet Another Emergency Mobile Charger.

Mobile phone battery charger for emergency use2)Using 4pcs Lithium batteries providing up to 1 hours talk time and up to 48 hours stand by. 3.

4. Pedal Powered Mobile Charger.

This is Pedal Powered led light with multiple advantages. When you will move its pedal its mini generator produce electricity. That electricity is stored in its battery. So you can use it as flash light or charger your mobile phone and other pocket gadgets.

5. Solio Magnesium Solar Charger.

The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Engineered to meet the demands of the serious adventurer, Solio Mg edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power. With expanded compatibility and a strong yet elegant magnesium alloy shell, this is the most powerful and versatile hybrid charger ever made.

6. Bike Charge.

Connect to the Bike’s battery and create a charging station on your Bike.

7. Car Mobile Charger.

Charge your phone by plugging the charger into the cigarette lighter port in any car. Great asset during travel and emergency situations. Safe for the phone. Multi-brand charger with small adaptor tips in convenient plug-in pad for storage.

8. AA Batteries Emergency Mobile Charger.

While you are on long journey your mobile phones may stop working due to lack of charge. Here is ozomax emergency mobile phone charger to help you in such circumstances,it works using 4 no pencil battery of 1. 5v it helps you charge your mobile phone while you are traveling.

9. Solar Mobile Charger:

There are more and more mobile and portable gadgets in your pockets than ever: mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and all sorts of other devices we use everyday. Yet one thing never changes: they all run on electricity and from time to time this happens to go down when one needs it least. Just how many times  Digital Solar Mobile Charger is an eco-friendly power source which relies on sunlight to build up power and store it in high-efficiency Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries. This mini solar charger can meet charging needs of your pocket gadgets.

10. Emergency Mobile Charger.

Mobile phone charger, Emergency charger, Battery charger, Truly wireless battery charger for mobile and cameral electronics, Idea to Use as a travel charger, easy to handle and take, Uses one replaceable AA battery, A safe stream of power to charge cell phones and other electronics,
Up to 3 hours of extral talk time, and 90 hours of standby time, Aluminum body, chose phone connector( Please tell us which type of phone do you need to fit) Charging current: 300MA maximum (Varies with usage conditions) Adds up to 240MA to devices battery per AA battery.