Save Mobile Battery

There are some simple tips that you can apply on your mobile phone to save battery. Tips are simple but extremely useful.

1) Go sitting>phone>display> brightness (dark) [more display bright need more power.

2) Go sitting>network>network mode (gsm) [dual mode used for 3g & GSM network but GMS used only GSM network, so dual mode need power more then GSM.

3) After used bluetooth u must turn off it, Bcoz if u bluetooth turn no after 8 house your battery 50% charge over.[Note-IRDA also need more power]

4) Used ringtone not vibration alert.

5) After hear songs must removed head-phone.

6) Turn off your mobile then charge. Its good 4 your mobile health.

7) More switch off/on (mobile off/on) need much power.

8) Turn off u r key-pad sound.